PhD student at the Hochschule fr Musik Freiburg (Germany) within the framework of the "Graduate School Freiburg-Lucerne for Artistic Research"


Certificate of Advanced Studies in Music Research. Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Art.


Workshop by Ralph Towner


Graduation at Zürich University of Arts

2004 - 2006

Studying at Zürich University of Arts with Kurt Rosenwinkel and Teo Kapilidis (Jazz Guitar), Kaspar Ewald (Composition), Christoph Merki (Jazz Repertoire), Chris Wiesendanger (Ensemble) Anders Miolin (Classical Repertoire). Worshops with Paul McCandless, Chris Cheek, Rätus Flisch, Peter O’Mara, Christian Röver


Private Lessons and Workshops bei Carlos Aguirre, Quique Sinesi


Private Lessons and Workshops in San Francisco bei Frank Potenza, Steve Homan, Bruce Forman, Mundell Lowe (Jazz Guitar), Manuel Barruecos (Classical Guitar), Frank Martin (Jazz Harmony)

1999 - 2002

Private Lessons and Workshops with Pino Marrone (Jazz Guitar)

1997 - 1998

Private Lessons with Leonardo Alonso (Schenkerian Analise)

1996 - 2000

Private Lessons with Eduardo Isaac (Classical Guitar)


Graduation at the Conservatory of Mar del Plata. “Profesor de Guitarra Clásica”.

1996 - 1997

Private Lessons on Tango Guitar Hugo Romero


Private Lessons with Marcelo Giglio (Ear-Training and Analyse)


Private Lessons with Juan Carlos Cirigliano (Harmony)

1994 - 1997

Studying at Conservatory of Mar del Plata

1992 - 1994

Private Lessons by Roberto Aramburu (Jazz Guitar) and Miguel Amenta (Classical Guitar)

1986 - 1990

Private Lessons by Alberto Chain (Classical Guitar)