The Eos Guitar Quartet has an international reputation as one of the most distinguished ensembles of its kind and continually amazes both the public and the press at its concerts and records. The Quartet is regularly invited to play at the most important international guitar festivals and in the most renowned concert halls (e.g. Cordoba, Madrid, Sevilla, Caracas, Havana, Rabat, Rotterdam, Ludwigsburg, Ansbach, Bari, Moscow, Davos, Gstaad, Montreux, Zurich, Expo 02, Tricastin, Lyon, Nurnberg, Bucarest).

Apart from its diverse repertoire, the Eos Guitar Quartet also sets great emphasis on commissioning jazz and classical works from contemporary composers and giving debut performances of the commissioned pieces. Guitar luminaries like Leo Brouwer, John McLaughlin, Ralph Towner, Sergio Assad or Roland Dyens; just to name a few; have written music for the Eos.

The Eos Guitar Quartet, named in honour of the ancient Greek goddess of dawn, combine some of the best Swiss virtues, namely democracy, precision and linguistic diversity. The latter extends to their instrumental work: apart from classical music, each member of the quartet has a passionate interest in other musical styles, either contemporary music, folk music from the deep south of Italy, world music, jazz, rock or flamenco.

The Quartet do not talk about the much-lauded Swiss democracy, preferring to demonstrate it: there is no leader, nor a rank of first guitarist. Although not always so easy as a process, it proves in the end to be one of the ensembles greatest strengths: diversity of sounds, colourfulness, and surprising musical twists. The four musicians together produce an innovative whole comprising an interweaving of music and precision. Precision not for its own sake, but always at the service of art, either in their own chamber-music projects or when working together with great interpreters of other musical styles.